TrekBoard User Manual


  1.1 General

  • We encourage you read the full TrekBoard user manual before riding the TrekBoard
  • All safety information, including the speed limit and indicators are disclosed in this user manual
  • Before riding the TrekBoard ensure that the board is in working condition and the tires are in working condition
  • Do not ride in restricted areas or cause harm to property
  • Any modifications are prohibited on the TrekBoard and will void the warranty. Such modifications can compromise the safety and performance of the TrekBoard


  1.2 Weight Limitation    

  • Maximum Load is 250lbs
  • Minimum Load is 50lbs


  1.3 Range

  • There are various factors that can impact the range of the TrekBoard including: Terrain, Weight, Outside Temperature, Maintenance and Speed


  1.4 Speed


  • Maximum running speed of the TrekBoard is 15km/h
  • When the maximum speed is reached and surpassed, an indicating buzzer will be activated on the TrekBoard
  • Limit all riding to within the recommended speed of under 15km/h to prevent injury


Learn to ride the TrekBoard


   2.1 How to use

  • Press the power button to start the TrekBoard
  • Put one foot on the outermost part of the pedal (closest to the tire), which will trigger the gyroscope and in turn will enable the AS indicator (auto-stabilization). Once the system is in the state of balance, put your other foot on the other pedal to enable operation
  • After standing on the TrekBoard keep your body weight still to remain stationary
  • To move forward, transfer some body weight to the front of the board. To move backwards, lean backwards to transfer your body weight to the rear of the TrekBoard
  • Take weight off your right foot to move to the left and take weight off your left foot to move to the right
  • To get off the TrekBoard, simply take a step off backwards.
  • To adjust between modes (not available for TrekBoard S+/XL) simply turn the TrekBoard vertically and press the power button


  2.2 Protective Indicators

  • The TrekBoard will notify the user with a buzzer under these operating conditions:
  • Low Battery Voltage
  • Upon Charging
  • Stabilization issues (when the user gets on the board while the pedal is leaning forwards or backwards by more than 10⁰ or during operation)
  • Reaching a speed over 15km/h
  • Power is low (light will turn red and the TrekBoard will beep)
  • If the tires stall, the system will initiate a shutdown after 2 seconds
  • Upon continuous high current discharge (such as climbing a steep slope for too long)


  2.3 Practice Tips

  • The TrekBoard works best on a flat surface
  • When riding, relax your legs and allow your knees to be bent slightly to improve balance
  • Do not jump on the TrekBoard under any circumstance or allow the TrekBoard to leave the ground
  • We do not recommend riding the TrekBoard in public until the user is comfortable and experienced enough

  2.4 Bluetooth and Different Mode Settings

  • To change between the three modes on the TrekBoard (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) simply tilt the TrekBoard to a vertical position (with one tire on the floor) and press the power button. An indicator light will begin flashing.
  • To pair the TrekBoard via bluetooth, simply turn on the board and scan for available connections with your wireless device . Once you successfully pair both devices, the TrekBoard will indicate with a beeping noise.



   3.1 Safety Tips

  • We encourage you to wear protective gear for your own safety (helmets, elbow pads, knee pads and so on)
  • Children under 50lbs must be accompanied by an adult when riding
  • Do not ride the TrekBoard if you have heart disease, hypertension or if you are pregnant
  • Do not ride the TrekBoard under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Do not ride the TrekBoard in the rain (TrekBoards aren't waterproof)
  • When riding, please comply with local traffic regulations and give way to pedestrians
  • Be alert to your surroundings at all times
  • Ensure your feet are always on the most outer part of the pedal (closest to the wheel)
  • The TrekBoard can only support one person at a time
  • When riding beside other TrekBoard users, please keep a safe distance to avoid collision
  • Avoid distractions such as texting and phone calls while riding the TrekBoard
  • Avoid riding on slippery or wet surfaces to ensure maximum safety
  • Do not ride in dark places
  • Avoid climbing very steep slopes


Battery Information


  4.1 Battery Safety

  • Do not use the battery if there is an abnormal smell or if there is a leakage
  • Keep the battery out of the reach of children
  • Only professionals should remove and maintain the battery
  • TrekBoard batteries must only be charged using TrekBoard components
  • Do not open up the battery under any circumstance, there are harmful chemicals inside


  4.2 Charging Procedure


  • Make sure the charging port is always dry before charging
  • Plug one end of the charger into the TrekBoard before connecting to the power source. 
  • Ensure the TrekBoard is turned OFF when charging
  • When removing charger from the TrekBoard, do not use excessive force (this includes twisting and pulling etc.)
  • Charging time is approx. 1.5 - 2 hours
  • When the TrekBoard is fully charged, the charger indicator light will turn green
  • Avoid overcharging to prolong battery lifespan
  • Ensure the TrekBoard is charged within the recommended temperature range (0⁰C - 40⁰C)

   4.3 Battery Specifications


Battery Type

Samsung Lithium Battery

Charging Time

1.5 - 2 hours



Initial Capacity


Working Temperature

-15⁰C - 50⁰C

Charging Temperature

0⁰C - 40⁰C

Storage Time

12 Months

Storage Relative Humidity