TrekBoard Product Overview

June 03, 2016 1 Comment

TrekBoard Product Overview

What Is A TrekBoard?


Founded in May, 2015, TrekBoard had introduced a revolutionary product to the market of Canada. These hoverboards had swiftly become an increasingly popular method of transportation. They can be used to travel indoors, around the neighborhood, office, or even at certain shopping locations. What exactly are these things? They are two wheeled self-balancing scooters that are powered by electric motors that have an integrated gyroscope that keeps your balance which allows the user to move forward, backwards or spin in a circle. These hoverboards go by different names, the most common Canadian brand is TrekBoard.









Certification and Safety


Proper certification and safety are essential to look for when purchasing your hoverboard. These products have been receiving a lot of negative publicity with battery issues causing fires. Be careful for low quality hoverboards that are built poorly and use cheap components. These are prone to faulty protection circuits and their heat sensors typically malfunction causing a power overload, resulting in operational failure. In addition, lower end boards using Samsung and LG batteries may have very little shielding against heat. If damaged this could result in overheating which may lead to a fire. High end hoverboards like the TrekBoard utilize newer, less volatile thermal scenery technology, along with an overcharge protection chip which cuts power to the battery and the rest of the board. TrekBoard recommends the following safety protocol when riding:

  1. Don't ride your hoverboard on wet surfaces. Always store in a dry location.
  2. Always charge your hoverboard for the time allotted in your user manual, about 1-3 hours.
  3. Wear safety gear such as a helmets and knee pads when riding your TrekBoard.
  4. Take the time to learn to ride, before attempting high speed maneuvers.

For more information on hoverboard safety we recommend you read the TrekBoard manual ( 


Culture Integration

 TrekBoard Toronto Hoverboard

Hoverboards are becoming increasingly popular in today's culture. These boards are featured in many YouTube videos. They are being used in wedding ceremonies and are being ridden by celebrities such as Justin Bieber, and Ellen DeGeneres. It is obvious that these TrekBoards are here to stay, and has become a Canadian cultural icon of youth and fun.





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Where & How To Buy

 There are many market places you can purchase your hoverboard. These products come in different price ranges which differentiate the certified boards from the fake alternatives. For the same price would you prefer to buy your TrekBoard from an authorized dealer or from someone on craigslist or kijiji? We suggest buying your hoverboard from TrekBoard in Toronto at

Purchasing from the TrekBoard website ( also allows the buyer to purchase an extended warranty for your unit. All TrekBoards come with a standard 6 month limited product warranty. The warranty does not cover any repair caused by water damage or self-inflected damage to the unit. 


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Jay Oriet
Jay Oriet

September 13, 2018

I son saved up to buy one of your hover boards all,summer he finally chad enough to buy the only number I can, find is TBT RK8 he’s road it in more then,4 times and now one side othe board don’t work I,was told ucguys make great, hoverboards and this being the reason, he spent more to,buy yours we e located in,Windsor ont my,phone is 2263483613 name jay please help,restore my, sons faith,in u,guys

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